About Us

Vellas Outsourcing Pte Ltd

Established since 2002, Vellas Outsourcing Pte Ltd has grown exponentially over the years. We take pride in our exceptional quality service level for our clients. Our team of engineers introduce practical and effective solutions for customers all across different sectors and conduct continuous testing before implementation to a real-time environment.

We have widened our service level with a business hour operation helpdesk support to receive calls from our clients. Since, our support techs offer personalised consulting, troubleshooting and maintenance for all corporate clients.

In 2008, we had been developing fully customized web application for SME. Helping company that is not able to purchase a normal system in the market to fit into their working environment.

In In 2012, we have also made a start to develop Arrow WMS and ERP software with strong database and platform, able to sustain larger volume, which give SMEs a boost, enabling them to grow.

Our major objective is to Singapore companies transform and grow their digital capabilities, getting ahead in the digital age.

Today, we are based in Singapore. We have set up our Development and Training Center in Philippine and APP Development Center in India.

Our team

Eddie Ang (Director) Rolan (Technology Director)

Alvan Peh (Project Manager) Kang Yang (Project Manager)

Ardin (ARROW Developer) Dicky (ARROW Developer)

Rudra (APP Developer) Deepak (APP Developer)

Our Clients

Our leading customers in FinTech, Transport, logistics, food supplies, glass manufacturer and floriculture (orchid) industry.

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Our IT infrastructure are the backbone support for several big player of today’s SME.

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