Cloud Base Solution

In 2008, we had been developing fully customized web application for SME. Helping company that is not able to purchase a normal system in the market to fit into their working environment.

In In 2012, we have also made a start to develop Arrow WMS and ERP software with strong database and platform, able to sustain larger volume, which give SMEs a boost, enabling them to grow.

Cloud Base Solution


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Arrow Warehouse Management Cloud System is build for all. With its complete customisability, it provides user with the ability to track down the finest details. Combining its speed and saving of the cloud, while it gives the complete view of their inventory without high maintenance costs and trap of traditional solutions.
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Blazingly fast and highly configurable, Arrow CRM presents users with a web-based CRM platform that will simplifies and streamlines the analysis of their consumers’ actions and behavior so they can create or improve their products and services to meet specific needs and demands.


Our software are adopted by company that need customize invoicing module and report that is not available from off the shelve market software